Why Windows Phones are Better and More Secure

Why windows phones are better:

Windows phone are known for providing extra features as compared to other operating systems. With WP8.1 coming in with significant features, app store of Microsoft is growing in scope as well as quality. Don’t believe us? Check out the reasons stated below why getting a Windows phone is the new smart trend. 

Narrate your phone:

If you are visually impaired, go to settings>ease of access and use the windows phone 8.1’s latest narrator option. When you turn it on, your phone would loudly read out all the messages and texts on your phone. For now, this feature is available in limited regions, for example, the US and is expected to be incorporated in the UK in the not so distant future. 

Battery saver:

Tap on settings > Battery save where you would receive extensive control over your battery usage. Apps which are consuming the most energy would be at the top where you can stop them, limit their usage or completely uninstall them if necessary.  You can get more details about how long your battery would last and whether you would like to enable Windows Phone’s battery saver by swiping right. Doing so can keep your phone restricted from wasting useless energy. 

Glance settings:

This option allows you to alter your lock screen and time content when your phone is on standby. Widely useful options include glance screen timeout settings which you should consider keeping at ‘peek’ or completely turned off if battery life is an issue. Go to settings>Glance Screen to see a full range of options.  

Word flow:

For fast typing, word flow is created into windows phone 8.1 where instead of writing the whole word, you can select each word by gliding your fingers across the letters instead of writing. Furthermore, you no longer need to hit space after each word as word flow enters the spaces for you. Tap space twice to add a full stop and space. Word flow is a smart feature which adds accents to words or even capitalizes the proper nouns like “Germany” “Hank Rob”. You’ll get addicted to it once you get a hold of it. 

Wi-Fi sense:

It allows you to securely share your Wi-Fi information with friends on Outlook, Skype and Facebook and removes the hassle out of connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots. To do so, go to settings>Wi-Fi>Wi-Fi sense and instruct your phone to accept terms when required (for use). Moreover, you can instruct your phone to add a fake name, phone number, email address if privacy is an issue while using a public network. 

Action centre:

The latest Action Centre launched with windows phone 8.1 is highly customizable and is accessed by swiping down from the top of your screen. If you are not happy with the apps provided by default, go to settings>notifications+actions and change the four shortcuts to whatever other options you desire. You can also edit the behavior of banner alerts along with phone and app notifications.  

Set quiet hours:

This feature lets you outsource any texts or calls to Cortana (Microsoft’s assistant) providing you with all you need. You can turn this feature on for specific hours or when you have busy calendar schedule. For those who are close to you, you can set breakthrough rules where people who you allow can reach out to you when needed. Go to settings>quiet hours to turn this feature on or off. 

Backup your photos automatically and set default camera app:

You can change your default camera app by going into settings>applications> photos+camera. This is vital for you only if huge popularity interests you such as Instagram or you are more camera conscious and love taking a great range of pictures. Furthermore, you can make sure that your phone saves your images automatically and syncs videos to the cloud. If you are worried about the data usage, try limiting or turning this feature off. 

Stay in sync:

Windows phone 8.1’s Synchronization option is a much-needed option especially for those who have several windows devices. This helps security-conscious users to keep a consistent look to their devices as well as those who keep moving from one device to another. Working from a phone, tablet and pc in a single day and hence need continuous or seamless device switching.Google drive for windows 10 is the latest option of storing data with complete ease.Furthermore, you can get rid of all the junk files using the windows phone cleaning app. Finally, apps that you use in your phone can be protected with app lock for windows phone by newsoftwares.net where all your apps would be hidden from the prying eyes. 

Personalize your screen at the start:

Go to settings>start+theme where you can change the background of phone’s screen as well as the accent color. No more gloomy and doomy themes to choose from as now you can choose a photo from the pre-installed list of backgrounds, the cloud or Facebook. 

Data sense:

This feature finds better ways to use mobile data and display your entire usage. For example, you may have a monthly plan of 2GB; you can assign the monthly data, set the date of data reset and the Windows Mobile would allow you utilize the respective amount unless you alter the settings. Background data can also be restricted while roaming and set your phone to compress adverts in IE and images if you are using the data while it’s ending or reaching the end of your limit.For further security for windows phone, it is necessary for you to lock windows phone using Folder lock windows security software. 

Volume control:

It’s possible to take control of two individual volume levels in windows phone 8.1 such as your media apps volume and your standard ringer and notifications volume. Furthermore, you can listen to music or even games at a higher or lower volume than your ringer. Tap the small arrow in the top right area of your screen while adjusting your phone’s volume. Doing so would open a new window where you can change the levels as you like. 

Project your screen (to pc or TV):

To do so, simply select settings>system>project my screen where your phone would start searching for any nearby device which could take advantage of wireless screen projection. Furthermore, if your TV does not support this feature, you can take alternative ways as well. Via USB, it’s possible to project your screen on a Windows PC. To do so, download the Project My Screen app from the official website of Microsoft and install it on your system. Furthermore, open the app and plug your device into your personal computer and navigate to Project My Screen option. Hence, now you can enjoy photos and videos on a larger screen. 

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