Tips to book Confirm Tatkal Tickets

In this article, we will be learning about the process of booking railway tickets online, how to book Tatkal ticket in last minute for 100% confirmation, and much more.


Now, we will start with four strategies that will help you get a confirmed ticket on Tatkal in railways.


The process is as follows –


Strategy 1 : Race against time

Sign into your IRCTC account by around 09:55 AM IRCTC Time (ie, the time showed in the IRCTC site). Keep your session alive till 9:58. At that point continue to “Plan My Travel” Page. Fill in the excursion subtle elements, pick quantity as Tatkal. What’s more, the minute the IRCTC clock ticks 10:00, click submit.  Well, you play the game to win a railway ticket and in this the game you would need to play against time to book a confirmed railway ticket.

Strategy 2 : Pre Processing

Utilize their official site to fill in the points of interest of your passengers and get a bookmarklet. That would spare you 1-2 minute amid the crucial tatkal time. Nitty gritty guidelines on this progression is accessible in this video. This is an important strategy that needs to be taken care of as well while booking a railway ticket. 

Technique 3 : What (NOT) to do

There is a typical misconception that you shouldn’t utilize Refresh or back catch durng the ticket reservation process. This is in part obvious. You may utilize the Refresh catch UNTIL the installment page of IRCTC. Till at that point, utilizing an invigorate catch would spare you some time, in the event that you experience “Administration unavailable” or “Association planned out” blunder. Yet, once you enter the installment stage, dont even consider going anyplace close to the revive or back catch. One would need to keep an eye on all the points above to get a railway ticket done without any hassle.

Strategy 4 : Keep Calm

The fourth and the final strategy in our list is that in  all things considered, its only a prepare ticket. You require not bite the dust over it. I have by and by observed numerous individuals making so enormous a fluff about Tatkal booking that attacks the entire booking process. Remain quiet, breath vigorously and do it, with a serene personality. This is said to be the most important strategy while booking a railway ticket in the last minute.


Final Words-


In this article, we have learnt about the process of booking railway tickets online, how to book Tatkal ticket in last minute for 100% confirmation, and much more.


Thank you for reading the reading the article, and let us know via comments section if we have missed out on anything.

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