500+ Best Short Whatsapp Status for Boys and Girls

Short Whatsapp Status – Hello friends, Is post me ham aapse 500+ short whatsapp status share kar rahe hai. Internet me bohot se peoples short whatsapp status search karte hai lekin unhe sahi results nahi mil paate. Yadi aap bhi short whatsapp status search kar rahe hai to aap bilkul sahi jagah par hai.

Short Whatsapp Status

Waise to internet me whatsapp ke liye bohot si sites hai jinme whatsapp ki aapko lagbhag sabhi category ke status aapko mil jaayenge. Lekin jab baat aati hai short whatsapp status ki to aapko minimum results milte hai aur unse bhi aap satisfy nahi hote hai.

Hamne kaafi research karne ke baad facebook, google aur other sites se aapke liye 500+ selected short whatsapp status ki list taiya kiya hai.

Is post me ham aapko lagbhag sabhi category ke short whatsapp status share karenge like short whtasapp status for boys, short whatsapp status for girls, short whatsapp status attiude etc.

Yadi aap bhi unme se ek hai jo whatsapp me long whatsapp status ki bajay meaningful short whatsapp status rakhna pasand karte hai to aap is post ke saath bane rahiye. Aap in short whatsapp status ka 2 type se use kar sakte hai. Aap inhe whatsapp status me use kar sakte hai ya fir whatsapp ke about us me bhi use kar sakte hai.

Short Whatsapp Status

To chaliye ham aapse 500+ short whatsapp status share karne jaa rahe hai. Aapko inme se jo bhi status pasand aata hai aap us status ko use kar sakte hai. Yadi aapke mind me bhi koi accha sa short status hai to hame comment me jaroor batayen ham is article ke next update me us short whatsapp status ko jaroor use karenge.

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Short Whatsapp Status for Boys in English

  1. I Never Said Most of The Things I Said.
  2. Love Me or Leave Me !
  3. In A World Full of Copies, Be An Original
  4. I Don’T Need To Explain Myself Because I Know I’M Right.
  5. Follow your heart but take your brain with you.
  7. Every Dreams Begins With One Step !
  8. Listen, smile, agree and then do whatever you were gonna do anyway.
  10. Of course I struggle, I just don’t quit.
  11. Make More Mistakes
  12. What Other People Think Of Me Is None Of My Business.
  13. Go Outside & Explore
  14. Nobody cares about your story until you win, So win.
  15. Risking is better then regretting.
  16. “Not give up when times are rough”
  17. Don’t decrease the goal. Increase the effort.
  18. Todne Wale Hazar, Jondne Wala Sirf Upar Wala.
  19. Meri Narmi Ko Meri Kamzori Mat Samajhna.
  20. I’m not a second option, You either choose me lose me.
  21. I Love the confidence that makeup gives me.
  22. Mom says – Next DP Exam Ke Baad
  23. If You Are Bad, I Am Your Dad..!
  24. Love me or hate me but you will never change me
  25. I may not be perfect but i’m always ME
  26. Beauty Begins The Moment You Decide To Be Yourself !
  27. I am Me and i wo’nt change for anyone
  28. Life Is Too Short. Don’t Waste It Reading My Whatsapp Status.
  29. When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.
  30. Excellence is not a skill, It’s an attitude
  31. When life gives you lemons, squirt someone in the eye
  32. I make time for people who make time for me..
  33. You’ve watched my descent, now watch me rise.
  34. You are the first and last thing on my mind.
  35. I always talk to myself because I like DEALING with a better class of people
  36. I am not perfect but I am Limited Edition
  37. Nothing is impossible woth God !
  38. I know I’m “Awesome”, So I dont care about your “Opinion”
  39. First Deserve Then Desire
  40. Humanity is greater than status !
  41. Be a good person but don’t waste time to prove it.
  42. Life is hard but not impossible
  43. I Am Who I Am. Your Approval is No Needed !
  44. I am a HOT dude with a COOL attitude
  45. Play big even when you feel small !
  47. Sacrifice Now, Enjoy Later !
  48. Loyalty is real if you find it keep it
  49. The biggest risk is not taking any risk
  50. Treat her like her a queen and, She will make you her King.
  51. Self love is the greatest medicine.
  52. Successful people dont worry about what others are doing
  53. Trust is the dangerous game
  54. They call us dreamers but we’re not the ones sleeping

Short Whatsapp Status for Girls in English

  1. My Life My Rules, So Keep Your Nose Out of My Business
  2. Just because I don’t react dosen’t mean I don’t notice
  3. I’m not a ruler but have some rules
  4. His story is history, My story is mystery.
  5. Let me be me because once I change you will miss me in me.
  6. I define my own life I don’t let people write my script.
  7. My personality is who I am and my Attitude depends on who you are.
  8. If you can stay positive in a negative situation, You win.
  10. Being good is a mistake nowadays people think you’re Fake !
  11. You can’t understand and I can’t explain.
  13. Be happy with nothing, and you will be happy with everything.
  14. Mirror is my bestfriend.
  15. Beauty attracts the eye but personality captures the heart.
  16. Pay attention to who you’re with when you feel your best.
  17. Know your worth. Refuse anything less.
  18. Don’t copy my style !
  19. God is really creative, I mean just look at me.
  20. Your attitude is your attitude, It determines how high you Fly !
  21. Don’t play with me! coz I know I can play better than you.
  22. People only miss you when you look good or doing good !
  23. What others think about me is none of my business.
  24. Being single is smarter then being in a wrong relationship
  25. When you stop learning, you are dead.
  26. Laugh like a baby, live like a Queen…!
  27. Your uniqueness is your power.
  28. Go for someone who is proud to have you !
  29. I am not perfect, but at least i am not fake.
  30. Yeah, I am open minded, but that dosen’t mean I am characterless.
  31. Your attitude not your aptitude will determine your altitude.
  32. I have travelled through madness to find me.
  33. Sometimes even the worst dreames are better than this reality.
  34. My goal is to build a life i don’t need a vacation from.
  35. I’m not bad person, situation make me bad.
  36. What hurt you, blesses you. Darkness is your candle.
  37. I’m only responsible for what i say not for what you understand.
  38. Work so hard that one day your signature will be called an autograph.
  39. I may not be the right one… But I always try to be the perfect one.
  40. I don’t have an attitude just a personality that you can’t handle it.
  41. I respect a person who respect me when I’m not around.
  42. Be like a drug let then die for you.
  43. You cant have a positive life with a negative mind.
  44. Always hope but never expect.
  45. Darling show your talent in exams, not in impressing others.
  46. Endure the pain enjoy the game.
  47. Beauty is not important but beautiful heart is most important.
  48. If they make you an opinion, make them your history.
  49. Mirror is my best friend because when I cry it never laughs.
  50. So you are waiting for me to talk first…? It’s okk… Wait till february 30.

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Short Whatsapp Status for Boys in Hindi

  1. Hasti thi hasati thi, Baad me pata chala chutiya banati thi.
  2. Ladki, Bus aur Train…Ek gayi 4 aati hain.
  3. Meri or logon ki soch me bas itna farq hai, Log sarkajri banna chahte hain or mai SARKAR !
  4. Tum jalte raho mere naam se, Mai baitha rahu aaram se.
  5. Akela hu pareshaan mat kar, Ishq hai to ishq kar ehshaan mat kar.
  6. Tu mohabbat thi isiliye maine bhao diya, Warna ignore me maine P.H.D ki rakhi hai.
  7. Alag hu… Par galat nahi..
  8. Rok Tok! Mujhe pasand nahi, Mai apni marzi ka maalik hu.
  9. I am kamina without haseena.
  10. Mere apne hai sab…
  11. Dosti badi nahin hoti…. Nibhaney waale bade hote hain…
  12. Khouf to aawara kutte bhi machate hain, Par dehshat hamesha sher ki hi rehti hai.
  13. Acche hote hain ham jaise bure log, Apne siwa kisi ka bhi bura nahin sochte.
  14. शरीफ Ladka !
  15. Mai raaste badalta nahin hoon…. Raaste banata hoon !
  16. Is duniya me 2 hi cheezen famous hain ek mere “Posts” doosre mere “Dost”.
  17. Ham waqt ke saath shouk badalte hai “Dost” Nahi.
  18. Zindgi se yahi seekha hai – Mehnat karo rukna nahi, Haalat kaise bhi ho kisi ke aage jhukna nahi.
  19. Aaj hai koi….
  20. Kaha tak saath chal paoge Musafir nahin! Aawara hoon!
  21. Ek hi sikke ke do pehlu !
  22. Log aag se nahi ham se jalte hain.
  23. Ek Do Teen…. Ham ladke kudrati haseen aur ye ladkiyan makeup ki machine.
  24. Abey bhabhi hai teri….!
  25. Mujhe samajhne ke liye….. Aapka samajhdaar hona jaroori hai !
  26. DHOKA DIYA…!
  27. Ye jo tum itni pyaari ho… Bhaad me jao konsi hamari ho !
  28. Bura hamesha wahi banta hai, Jo accha ban ke toot chuka hai.
  29. Jal मत Chal हट !
  30. Bura nahi hu mai, Bas aapko accha nahi lagta.
  31. Bhav ham khate nahi, Akad ham sehte nahi.
  33. Sochta hoon ki ab kuch bhi na sochun.
  34. Manjile haasil kar ke hi chhodni chahiye !
  35. Dil to saaf hai… Bas ye zubaan….
  36. Jo ham se jale thoda side se chale.
  37. Aur Batao…. Kab tak ignore karoge !
  38. Dil Naram… Dimaag Garam…
  39. परख से परे है ये शख्सियत मेरी…. मैं उन्ही के लिए हूं जो समझे कदर मेरी ।
  40. Yaaron ka Yaar
  41. Mujhme koi acchai hai hi nahin, Jo bura kehta hai maan leta hoon.
  42. Khayal rakha karo apna, Apne liye nahi mere liye.
  43. आईना होती है ये जिंदगी, तू मुस्कुरा वो भी मुस्कुरा देगी।
  44. मैं Single हूँ मेरे दोस्त, मेरे देर रात तक जागने का मकसद सिर्फ Success पाना है।
  46. Mooh par sach bolne ki aadat hai… Isiliye thoda badtameez hoon.
  47. Jhony jhony yes papa…. Pyaar mohabbat chutiyapa…
  48. Bure din hain abhi !! Thode din to burayi hongi hi!!!
  49. DP dekh li ? Ab nikal yaha se…
  50. Zindgi rude hai fir bhi ham dude hain…
  51. Akhiri baar apni safai deta hoon…. Main wo nahin hoon jo dikhai deta hoon…
  52. Aukaat to kutton ki hoti hai…. Hamari to Izzat hai logon men…
  53. Tu 13 dekh…
  54. Banna hai to kuch aisa bano ki ladkiyan “Bhai” bol kar bhi pachtayen.
  55. Mitti se bana hu, mitti me mil jaunga. Rote hue aaya tha, rulate hue jaunga.
  56. Oo… madam ji mai tera bhai nai hai..
  57. Dhokha swabhaav hai mera…
  58. Baap, Baap hota hai….
  59. Na khayal tera, na chahat teri. Tu bhaad me ja yahi aukaat teri…
  60. Nazar neeche, Bhabhi hai teri..
  61. Roti kamana badi baat nahi, lekin pariwar ke saath roti khaana badi baat hai.
  62. Chillane se ‘झूठ’ Kabhi ‘सच’ me nahi badalta.
  63. साइकिल और जिंदगी तभी सही चल सकती हैं जब “चैन” हो !
  64. “Game” bohot accha khela tune lekin aadmi “Galat” chun liya…
  65. उसने कहा भूल जाओ मुझे !
  66. Tere Jaisa यार kahan…
  67. Ishq ki ab aakhiri nasl hai hum, agli peedhi ko bas jism ki jaroorat hogi..
  68. Don’t take Panga…
  69. Samajh me aaya to accha hai, Warna tu baccha hai.
  70. शराब में वो नशा कहाँ जो तेरे होंठो में है।
  71. Zindgi se ek sabak mil gaya, Akad me rahi to log aukaat me rehte hain…
  72. Waqt hi hai jo badal jayega, Aaj tera hai kal mera hoga…
  73. Ek hi to shouk hai mera, Khud ko Tabah kar loon…
  74. Yaaro Ka Yaar…
  75. शिकायतों की भी इज्जत है…. हर किसी से नहीं की जाती….
  76. Naam chalta hai Apna !
  78. Zindgi Zabardast hai, Ise Zabardasi na jiyen Zabardast jiyen.
  79. Akele chalna seekh lo…. Zaroori nahin ki jo aaj tumhare saath hai kal bhi rahe…
  80. !! Jab tak shaant hoon shor kar lo !! Meri baari aayegi to aawaz bhi nahin nikaal paaoge.
  81. Mera Attirude Meri Nishaani Hai, Aao Haweli Pe Agar Koi Pareshaani Hai..
  82. Sasta sa hoon mai uske liye, Badi aasani se jo mil gaya hoon main.
  83. Yab Rab unhe bhi khush rakhna jo mujhe khush nahin dekh saktey !
  84. Photo Rishtewaale Le Gaye !
  85. Mujhe chhodne ki wajah to bata dete, Mujhse naaraz the ya mujh jainse hazar the.
  86. Accha insaan jab bura banta hai to bohot bura banta hai.
  87. “Ummeed mat chhodna kamzor tera waqt hai tu nahin”.
  88. Mai pasand to sabko hoon, bas unki zaroorat ke waqt par.
  89. Log mere baare me kya sochte hain !! Agar mai bhi ye sochunga to log kya sochenge.
  90. Accha hua mai bewafa nikla kyuki wafadar to kutte hote hain.
  91. Tum naqab me raho, duniya auqat me rahegi.
  92. 2 rupay ke log 98 ke nakhre.
  93. Mehnat ka fal aur samasya ka hal, der se hi sahi par milta zaroor hai.
  94. Kuch Na Kaho Chup Hi Raho
  95. Kisi ke baap ki beti ki itni aukaat nahi jo hame rula sake.
  96. Meri shakhsiyat ki kya misaal dun, log jalte hain mere naam ke logon se bhi.
  97. Jinke maa baap mujhe bura kehte hain unhone shayad farishton ko paida kiya hai.
  98. Agar mujh jainse hazaron hain to tu soch tere jainse kitne honge.
  99. Duniya me sabse kharab jhooth wo hote hain jo ham khud se bolte hain.
  100. Raja ki ek rani thi !

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Short Whatsapp Status for Girls in Hindi

  1. Bohot socha tumse baat nahi karungi, fir socha jhagda kisse karungi.
  2. Suno…. Khush ho? Barbaad karke ?
  3. Log aag se nahi ham se jalte hain.
  4. Shaadi to usi se karungi jo daantega bhi or rone bhi nahi dega.
  5. Mujhe samajhne ke liye aapka samjhdaar hona jaroori hai.
  6. Agar mai kisi ko acchi nahi lagti to koi nahi, ab har kisi ki soch acchi nahi hoti.
  7. Jo log mere dil me rehte hain. Kiraya de do plz..
  8. Coffee waale to sirf flirt karte hain, kabhi ishq karna hai to chai waalon se milna.
  9. Kuch log attitude me ese rehte h.. Jaise unke paas rehne ke liye ghar nahi hai.
  10. Maanga tujhe maine dua men..
  11. Kaise keh du thak gayi hu mai, Na jaane kis kis ka housla hu mai.
  12. Nahi mila tum jaisa aaj tak par, Ye sitam alag hai ki mile tum bhi nahi.
  13. DP to mai laga lungi but I doubt ki tum save kar loge….
  14. Ek shaam coffee ke naam kya kar di kambhakht chay ne bewafa keh diya.
  15. Dil bhar gaya hai ya koi or mil gaya hai.
  16. Kaash! Koi apna hota bina kisi matlab ke.
  17. Agar buri nazar waalon ka muh kaala hota to mere 90% relatives africans hote.
  18. Ham haarte usi se hai jisse ham sabse jyada pyaar karte hain.
  19. Safaiyan deni chhod di maine…. Seedhi si baat hai… Bohot buri hu mai.
  20. Badi muddat se milta hai badi shiddat se chahne wala.
  21. Dekhte hi rahoge ya number bhi loge.
  22. Taarif karu kya uski jisne mujhe banaya.
  23. Pyar usko bolte hain jo mujhe koi nahi karta.
  24. Main dikhne me bholi lekin chalne me bandook ki goli.
  25. Hamesha sach bolo aur sach bolte hi bhaag jao.
  26. Saala dil hai ya traffic signal har koi tod ke chala jaata hai.
  27. Dard ka matlab unse poocho jinko.aadhi raat ko bhoonkh lagti hai.
  28. Hai apna dil to aawara na jane kis pe aayega.
  29. Sirf zeher hi mout nahi deta kuch logon ki english hi kaafi hoti hai.
  30. Dil naram dimaag garam baaki sab upar wale ka karam.
  31. No DP because mammy thak gayi hai meri nazar utaar ke.
  32. भयंकर AALSI !
  33. स्वागत Nahi Karoge हमारा !
  34. Tempo, rickshaw aur ladke ek bulao das aate hain.
  35. Jise ham chahen use or kya chahiye.
  36. Har kaam karne ka ek waqt hota hai jaise ki “Baad me”.
  37. Mujh se panga soch samajh kar lena, cute hun par mute nahin.
  38. Aap bhaad mein khud jaaoge ya drop karke aayen.
  39. Love me, Hate me !! I just don’t care.
  40. Mom says – Next DP exam ke baad.
  41. Nahin utha jaata subah subah.
  42. Photo chhod   Personality dekh !
  43. Pyar ek dhokha hai.
  44. Aur batao…. Zeher khaoge saanth me.
  45. It’s not my fault. I was born “nakhre wali”.
  46. Ek cup chaay unke naam jinko meri wajah sar dard rehta hai.
  47. DP chhod tu status dekh.
  48. Sab log hat jao mere status ka break fail ho gaya hai.
  49. Har kisi ko safai mat do aap insaan ho.
  50. Ladka samajhdaar hona chahiye pagal to use mai khud kar dungi.
  51. Pyar se log mujhe “yar ek kaam tha” bulate hain.
  52. Jo dost tumhe waqt par reply na de use divorce de do.
  53. Paisa bohot hai lekin papa dete nahin hain.
  54. Kabhi kabhi dil karta hai dil ko chappal se maarun.
  55. Har baat ko dil pe lena dimaag ki beemari hai.
  56. “Yaar log kya kahenge”. Log to hain hi chutiye.
  57. Perfect jodiyan jootiyon ki hoti hai baaki sab weham hai.
  58. Bohot bolti thi na mai ? Lo ab chup ho gayi.
  59. Humein to apno ne loota, gairon ki to baari bhi nahi aane di hamne.
  60. Sabar rakho marne tak fir sab theek ho jayega.
  61. Meri neend ka kisi ke saath chakkar hai, saari saari raat gayab rehti hai.
  62. Main or pyaar ? Hahaha! Wrong number yaar.
  63. Izzat paane ke liye izzat karni padti hai.
  64. Mujhe to lagta hai mere sabar ka fal koi or kha gaya hai.
  65. Kaanta hu jise chubh jaati hun usi ki ho jaati hun, Main phool nahin jis par har bhanwra fire.
  66. Aukaat hai DP dekhne ki.
  67. Mai tumhara timepass accha karti hu na.
  68. Beta tumse na ho payega.
  69. Dikhti hu cute rehti hu mute ! Fir bhi log kehte hain you have so much attitude.
  70. I miss you !  But tumhen to koi farq hi nahi padta na.
  71. Sab baaton ki ek baat koi nahi nibhata aakhir tak saath.
  72. Zyada mat jalo, Kaale ho jaoge.
  73. Chhookar mere tan ko jo hawayen gujri…. tere hone ka ehsaas kar liya hamne..
  74. Pyar andha hota hai, chutiya banane ka dhandha hota hai.
  75. Jo nahi ho sakta wahi to karna hai.
  76. Sun pagal dil me pyar hona chahiye dhak dhak to royal enfield bhi karti hai.
  77. Aadat nahi hai peeth peeche waar karne ki, 2 shabd kam bolte hai par saamne bolte hain.
  78. Khud ka attitude control nahi hota tera kaha se adjust karu.
  79. Pani ki pyaas aur meri friend ki bakwaas out of control hi hoti hai.
  80. Agar tum sochte ho ki mai buri hu to tum galat sochte ho kyuki mai bohot buri hu.
  81. Kisi ko zyada pyar or izzat dene se wo apni aukaat bhool jaate hain.
  82. Waqt ka khel tha jo beet gaya ab ham khelnge aur waqt dekhega.
  83. Aapki jara si laaparwaahi aapko mera deewana bana sakti hai.
  84. Wo ladki hi kya jo ziddi na ho.
  85. Mila dega ek din hamko wo upar waala.
  86. Maa ka hona bhi kisi khajane se kam nahi.
  87. Ek baat bolu ro doge jab tum mujhe kho doge.
  88. Hum unke nahi hotey…. Jo har kisi ke ho jaate hai.
  89. “Meri Aukaat” Hahaha… Beta poore ke poore bik jaoge !
  90. Itni parwah hai meri to humdardi nahi, pyaar karo.
  91. Ab to kuch bura bhi hota hai to sabse pehle hansi aati hai.
  92. Waqt aane do “Jawab” bhi denge aur “Hisaab” bhi lenge.
  93. Khatam na karo talluk hamse dosti na sahi dushmani karlo.
  94. Hum messege na kare to “ego”, Tum messege na karo “busy”.
  95. Akele rehne ki aadi hoon, Na fake hoon na fasadi hoon.
  96. Jang talwaaro ko lagti hai nek iraadon ko nahi.
  97. Sub log meri mummy ke liye dua karna ki unko chaand jaisa daamad mile.
  98. Tu ilaaj hai meri har udasi ka.
  99. Itna samajh chuki thi mai uske mizaaz ko wo ja raha tha….. Aur mai hairaan bhi na thi.
  100. Kaash tujhe meri zaroorat ho meri tarah, aur mai tujhe ignore karu teri tarah.
  101. Mai to angel hoon aur amgel ke liye koi prince nahi devil hi aayega.

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Short Attitude Whatsapp Status for Boys in English

  1. I don’t need to explain myself. I know I am right.
  2. I found something under my shoes, ohh.. it’s your attitude.
  3. Before you judge me make sure that you’re perfect.
  4. You can’t have a positive life with a negative mind.
  5. Don’t copy my style !
  6. If you are bad then call me your dad !
  7. Love the lovers, Play the players.
  8. Live life on your own terms !
  9. सुन Pagli I’m your next bf !
  10. Fबी किNG
  11. Beauty gets the attention but personality gets the heart.
  12. Silence is the best response to a fool !
  13. Pain is temporary, Pride is forever !
  14. Use absense to increase respect, honor and dignity.
  15. Get married young so you can be divorced and happy in your thirties.
  16. Haters are like street dogs, let them bark !
  17. I will not stop nor stopped because my next stop the top.
  18. Life’s hard?? Naah.. you’re too weak !
  19. I am a odd combination of “too good” and “the worst” !
  20. I don’t treat people badly, I treat them accordingly.
  21. Dear failures, thank you for success !
  22. I wanna be a robot. No feelings, no nothing !
  23. Don’t worry bro, your time is weak not you !
  24. Goals are personal… So it’s ok to be alone !
  25. In the end, promise are just words.
  26. Don’t be sorry. I trusted you. My mistake not yours.
  27. First they watch, then they hate, then they copy.
  28. Your mind is a weapon always keep it loaded.
  29. Don’t go with the flow. Be the flow!
  30. Laugh with many, don’t trust any !
  31. Life thought me a lot of lessons but I bunked those classes too….
  32. Behind every status there is a secret messege to someone.
  33. Work hard in silence, let your success make the noise.
  34. Some stories written with pen. Some stories written with pain.
  35. Hate me or hate me more, I don’t give a damn care…!
  36. P.A.I.N.S…… Positive Attitude In Negative Situations..
  37. I’m getting more and more comfortable being alone.
  38. Meowing time is over, it’s time to roar.
  39. My mind is more talkative than my mouth.
  40. Today is a new beginning !
  41. Maturity is when you realize self respect is greater than love !
  42. Haq Se Single !
  43. Attitude is everything so pick a good one.
  44. I love listening to lies when I know the truth.
  45. Life is simple, it’s just not easy !
  46. You break my trust I break your bones simple as shit !
  47. My attitude my choice !
  48. I love black because it matches with my heart !
  49. My attitude is based on how you treat me….
  50. I am a limited edition beauty with brain and deadly attitude.

Short Attitude Whatsapp Status for Girls in English

  1. If I delete your number you are basically deleted from my life.
  2. Dear god thanx for making me special.
  3. I don’t do it to prove them wrong, I do it to prove me right.
  4. People say nothing is impossible, but i do nothing everyday.
  5. Do it for the people who want to see you fail.
  6. No matter what anyone tells me, I’m still gonna do whatever I want.
  7. Keep your heels, head and standards high.
  8. A attitude is a life way.
  9. Laugh like a baby, live like a queen.
  10. You have to be odd to be number one.
  11. Chill babe, we are all bad in someone’s story.
  12. Be like a drug let them die for you.
  13. Love is easy but I am busy.
  14. Control your BP after watching my DP.
  15. Never beg for what you can earn.
  16. Stop checking my status ! Go get a life.
  17. People tell me, I have changed. I didn’t changed, I improved.
  18. If you left me without any reason, do not come back with an excuse.
  19. So you are waiting for me to talk first…? It’s okkk…. Wait till february 30.
  20. “Sexy” isn’t shape. It’s an “Attitude”.
  21. Be the art that no one understands.
  22. Ego never accepts the truth.
  23. Let your attitude attract someone because beauty is not a lifetime asset.
  24. Strong women don’t have “attitudes” they have standards.
  25. Stop checking my last seen, text me when you miss me.
  26. They say “words can break you” but I say silence can break you more…!
  27. My silence is my attitude.
  28. Don’t fall for a dog who has eyes for every bitch.
  29. You don’t like me, no problem I like me.
  30. Your attitude can hurt me but my attitude will kill you.
  31. I speak my mind I never mind what I speak.
  32. Always act like you are wearing an invisible crown.
  33. I don’t change, I just grew up. You should try it once.
  34. Good girls are bad girls that never get caught.
  35. I am who I am, your approval is not needed.
  36. The biggest slap to your enemies is your success.
  37. People say me bad trust me I am the worst.
  38. Stay strong let them wonder why you are still smiling.
  39. I’m not short, I’m just concentrated awesome !
  40. Don’t hate me just get to know me first.
  41. Understanding is an art. And not everyone is an artist.
  42. I love the confidence that makeup gives me.
  43. My attitude will always be based on how you treat me.
  44. I am a girl. Do not touch my hair, face, phone and boyfriend.
  45. I am strong because I depend on “God” !
  46. I don’t have an attitude problem yo have a preception problem.
  47. Only difference between good day and a bad day is your attitude.
  48. “A girl should be like a Butterfly. Pretty to see and hard to catch.”
  49. People laugh at me bcoz I am different and I laugh bcoz they all are same.
  50. Be that girl who pays her own bills.

Short Attitude Whatsapp Status for Boys in Hindi

  1. Behshaq hamari gang chhoti hai par isme sab sultan mirza jaise rehte hai.
  2. Tera ego to 2 din ki kahani hai par meri akad khandani hai.
  3. Photo chhod personility dekh.
  4. Salike ki baat na kare hamse, Shayar hai beizzati bhi tameez se karte hai.
  5. Sunta to mai apne baap ki bhi nahi hu.
  6. Don’t take panga.
  7. I’m kamina without haseena.
  8. Ham wo hai jo kabhi nahi sudhrenge chahe block karo ya bardaast.
  9. Mera attitude meri nishani hai, Aao haweli par agar koi pareshani hai.
  10. Game bahut accha khela tumne lekin aadmi galat chun liya.
  11. Muh par sach bolne ki aadat hai isiliye ham thode badtameez hai.
  12. Sirf jungle chhoda hai, yaad rakhna ! sher to ham aaj bhi hai.
  13. Jo log jalte hai aapse un par thodi hawan samagri daalkar kahiye swaha.
  14. Chaand ho ya sooraj chamakte sab apne waqt par hai.
  15. Apna time aayega nahi apun laayega.
  16. Mai raaste badalta nahi, Banata hu !
  17. Ham sareef hue hai abhi sudhre nahi hai.
  18. Tu waakif nahi abhi hamare junoon se, nehla denge tujhe tere hi khoon se.
  19. Meherbani teri, mat kar fikar meri.
  20. Accha insaan bura banta hai to bohot hi bura banta hai.
  21. Baap baap hota hai.
  22. Attitude to bacche dikhate hai ham to logo ko unki aukaat dikhate hai.
  23. Funny hu flirty nahi, hasta hu lekin fasta nahi.
  24. DP dekh li? Ab nikal yaha se.
  25. Paisa haisiyat badal sakta hai, logo ki aukaat nahi.
  26. Gaddari ka chakkar matlab mout se takkar.
  27. Mom says no DP warna rishte aa jayenge.
  28. Sun rahi hai na tu doosri dhoondh raha hu mai.
  29. bohot bura hu saheb ! Aap jaise accho se khuda bachaye.
  30. Chhote jara hisaab se…..! Hum ginte kam maarte jyada hai.
  31. Hum wo hai jo tum kabhi ban nahi sakte.
  32. Mai aur waqt ek jaise hai chutiye logo ke liye nahi rukte.
  33. Jal mat barabari kar.
  34. Har jagah bahas mat karo maaro peeto or khatam karo.
  35. Tajmahal hamare liye bakwaas hai kyonki roz badalti hamari mumtaaz hai.
  36. I am angry with you.
  37. Apno ki mehfil me paraya hu isiliye aaj charas peekar aaya hu.
  38. Hum thode chup kya hue bacche shor machane lag gaye.
  39. Apni chalti hai to duniya jalti hai.
  40. Hamare aane se koi khush nahi hai.
  41. Thoda cute thoda rude baby killer mera attitude.
  42. Nasha karlo par mohabbat na karo.
  43. Yaari before naari.
  44. Tere bhai jaisa koi hardich nahi hai.
  45. Bigde to hum bachpan se h[appbox wordpress ]i hai.
  46. Mili to best nahi to next.
  47. Sunta to mai apne baap ki bhi nahi hu.
  48. Waakif to ravan bhi tha apne anjam se, jid to apne andaaz se jeene ki thi !
  49. Chup hu kyoki ye meri sharafat hai warna kuch kutto ke liye mera gussa hi aafat hai.
  50. Bohot guroor tha chhat ko chhat hone par, Ek manjil or bani chhat farsh ho gaya.

Short Attitude Whatsapp Status for Girls in Hindi

  1. Yes! I am single coz mujhe mere mummy papa se jyada pyar karne wala koi mila hi nahi.
  2. Taarif karu kya uski jisne mujhe banaya.
  3. Thappad ki aukaat nahi diler bane firte hai. Ye whatsapp wo jungle hai.
  4. Jo kabhi mujhe lagte the acche, aakhir me nikle sab kutte ke bacche.
  5. Hum ladkiyan beemar nahi hoti, hame bas nazar lag jaati hai.
  6. Sun pagle deewani thi deewani rahungi teri nahi apne attitude ki.
  7. Wo ladki hi kya jo ziddi na ho.
  8. Chubti hai meri khushi logo ko isilye hasti rehti hu.
  9. Na mere sar par taaj hai or na ye sar taaj ka mohtaaj hai.
  10. Wo jo mera hokar tera ho gaya wo namard tujhe hi mubarak.
  11. Hamara lahza kadwa hoga agar saamne waala bhadwa hoga.
  12. Kadar kiya karo meri nahi to baad me appointment lete firoge.
  13. Kis kis ko safai du bas buri hu seedhi baat.
  14. Humko mita sake ye zamane me dam nahi, Humse hai zamana zamane se hum nahi.
  15. Pyari hun selfie to banti hai.
  16. Ye mat soch teri yaad nahi aati jab bhi aati hai do chaar gaaliya de deti hu.
  17. Abe jaa..! Kisi or ko sudhaar mujhe nahi chahiye ye tera fokat ka udhaar.
  18. Sambhal ke rehna aise logo se jinke dil me bhi dimaag hota hai.
  19. Tu mere naseeb me nahi to kya hua tu jiske naseeb me hai use tension mubarak.
  20. Hum hai wo hastiyaan jinke naseeb me sirf moj mastiya.
  21. I hate boys or rahi baat uski to wo jaan hai meri.
  22. Kis gumaan me ho bhaishahab bhula diya hamne tumhe.
  23. Kisi ke saath galat karke apni baari ka intezaar zaroor karna.
  24. Relative – Beta kya kaam karti ho. Me – Apne kaam se kaam rakhti hu.
  25. Izzat bhi ek mehnga tohfa hai iski ummeed saste logo se nahi karna chahiye.
  26. Agar waqt ke saath nahi badloge to waqt tumhe badal dega.
  27. Ab mujhe farq nahi padta aao to welcome jao to bheed kam.
  28. Kabhi aadhaar card waali photo bhi DP me lagao wo bhi to apni hi hai.
  29. Hum dil ke saaf hai isiliye sabse khaas hai.
  30. Apne to sirf mummy papa hote hai baaki to sab matlabi hote hai.
  31. Badla to dushman lete hai ham to maaf karke dil se nikaal dete hai.
  32. Na jaan na pehchaan fir bhi judge you like your abba jaan.
  33. Tum shakal ki kya baat karte ho zanab log to hamari post ke deewane hai.
  34. Nahi chahiye jo meri qismat me nahi, bheekh maangna meri fitrat me nahi.
  35. Ghar ki izzat betiyon ke haanth me or property ke papers naalayakon ke haath me.
  36. Jinko meri qadar nahi unki mujhe fikar nahi.
  37. Nanga hi to aaya tha kya ghanta lekar jayega.
  38. Uff… Na dekho itna pyar se nazar bohot jald lag jaati hai.
  39. Nazren neeche rakhne waali ladkiyan apne rutbe ko or bhi buland karti hai.
  40. Free me to hum kisi ko gaali bhi nahi dete smile to bohot door ki baat hai.
  41. Samajhdaar log behes nahi karte wo to bas aag lagakar side ho jaate hai.
  42. Utha lo fayda meri mazboori ka warna kal mat kehna mouka nahi diya barabari ka.
  43. Jo aapke khaas hote hai wo zehreele saanp hote hai.
  44. Bura to har koi hai meri jaan fariste na tum ho na hum hai.
  45. Jo mujhse nafrat karte hai shounk se kare mai kon sa unse mohabbat karti hu.
  46. Single hone ka bohot bada faayda ye hai mai saans apni marzi se leti hu.
  47. Kabhi kabhi log itna fekte hai ki man karta hai unhe hi utha ke fenk du.
  48. Chaand me daag hai sooraj me aag hai hum hi hai jo lajawab hai.
  49. Wo log zinda laash se kam nahi jinki kismat me ham nahi.
  50. Paani ki pyas or logo ki bakwaas out of control hoti hai.

Final Words:

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