Common iPhone problems and how to fix them?

The iPhone series are the most preferred series since a very long time. There are several features of these smartphones which makes these the most preferred phones all over the world. But like all the other phones, it also has its drawbacks. iPhone do have some common problems that arise almost widely. Following are some of those problems many iPhone users face and the how to fix them:

Please note: This article on common iPhone problems and how to fix them is only for education purpose. Though we have taken guidance from a Bangalore based iPhone repair center before writing this article, we still advice you to not try this at home.



Sometimes there arises some Wi-Fi issue while surfing on the internet which irritates the users. The device suddenly becomes unable to connect to the Wi-Fi. This problem can be fixed. Firstly the Wi-Fi option is to be turned off. After a while turn on the Wi-Fi option. It can be found that the option which allows clicking the Wi-Fi icon was disabled.

Again clicking on the same option would enable it. In case the Bluetooth is enabled then it has to be turned off. Hence then the Wi-Fi network is to be connected reentering its password. If it is still difficult to access the phone, then one may also restart it and again reset the network settings.


  • iPhone stops functioning


There are times when iPhones stop functioning for about some seconds. In that case, one should go for a force start option to fix the phone. There usually arises a software crashes which leads to freezing of the phone for a good long period. Further one must also check if the software update is available if it is available then it should be downloaded and updated to enhance the further functioning of the handset.


  • Can’t update apps


In some cases, the iPhones won’t update or download apps. This can be fixed by turning on the airplane mode and then again turning it off. The signing would follow this out of the app store and then sign in again. At last, renewing the lease would mend the issue.


  • Loss of the data


Sometimes the phone loses the stored data. The data can be easily recovered from iCloud in a readable form it may be music, videos, messages, contacts, apps or any other type of file.


  • Overheating of the iPhones


Mostly the iPhone users seem to complain about the overheating of the phone. This occurs when there is the continuous use of the device. The best solution to this problem is letting the phone cool by reducing its heavy usage. Sometimes one app installed on the phone leads to such condition. Uninstalling the app would be the best in that case. One must avoid the usage of the phone during charging to solve the problem.


  • Battery Drain


People also complain about the problem of heavy battery drainage. The only solution to this problem is avoiding over-usage of iPhones.


  • iPhone sometimes won’t turn on


One of the most irritating issues is when iPhone does not turn on. And in such case, the phone is to be restarted.

These are some of the common problems in iPhones, and most probably the problem can be sorted with the troubleshooting ideas given above. But if your phone still shows malfunctioning, then you must recommend experts regarding the matter.

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