How to Find Singles on Facebook

Who has said that you need only a “real” contact to get acquainted with people and start a relationship? Since the emergence of social networks, this iron rule has been broken. Today, thousands of men all over the world are looking for their happiness with Ukrainian girls, using the Internet. Social networks, of course, have a lot of nuances, but they have greatly increased the chances of those who find it difficult to meet a soulmate and arrange a personal life. Despite the noticeable difference between social networks and dating sites, the approach to finding and building relationships is the same.

The social network offers you a list of familiar people. You might have already crossed paths with each other in real life at work, university, or gym. You have already had an initial connection, so you can contact them without a delay. Visit their profile and check whether they are single. If you believe that your acquaintance might work out, send a friend request and start communicating.

  • Use a function “Discover People.”

This function allows you to find a company for the nearest event, team up with colleagues at work or find a date. You can also view open meetings and lists of those who are going to go there, find colleagues, people from your city and so on. Users who are looking for new acquaintances can briefly tell about themselves, specify interests and attach several photos.

At the bottom, you will see the nearest acquaintances, other people looking for the company, as well as past and future events. The list does not include your friends because the function is aimed at getting to know new people. So, it works like the Tinder app in some way, helping to find someone nearby.

  • Don’t ignore the search bar.

It is possible to search for single strangers, groups, or even unique features you want to see in a future partner. You can type, for example, “pics of friends at Brilliant Cafe,” and Facebook will show everything according to your request.

  • Join different groups.

Here, you can find many different groups, where you have high chances to meet singles with common interests. You will surely find something to your taste. Groups designed to meet singles are the best option thus you have the same goal and are ready for communication. Nonetheless, don’t ignore groups for people with common interests, such as a dancing, riding, or swimming. Just visit the person’s profile to make sure they are available.

  • Prepare your own page.

Your page on Facebook shouldn’t be sterile, otherwise, it can cause fears or doubts. Be sure to upload at least several photos not to undermine the credibility from the very beginning. Making out the page, observe the measure, you shouldn’t fill in all the sections, overloading your profile with hundreds of photos and information about all the books you have ever read. However, little information isn’t the best option as well. Most importantly, when filling in the page, be honest with yourself and do not create an ideal image.

  • Take the first step.

The rule of first “like” works both with men and women. If you have chosen someone you are interested in, read their posts or reposts, looked at the photos, then it’s time to leave a like. It is also important not to overdo, don’t choose a photo that was posted several years ago because such a careful interest can scare away.

  • Wait a day.

If you have left a like, but there is no reaction, leave a comment under any of the posts or pictures. It is better to integrate into the current discussion under a new post. This step might become the beginning of your relationship.

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