Happn App Review

Happn App Review

Happn App Review

So today, we are here with an android application review which serves as a network between people finding their partners. We have tested and reviewed Happn application on many bases such as pricing, quality and quantity of members, ease of use, customer satisfaction, security and other privacy services. With an overall review and an average of 4.5+ rating by different bloggers and experts. A wide range of people are being connected through this network of Happn and its unique feature of notifying when someone crosses you in real life. Now, let us just get into the analytics of the marketing and other aspects for the application.

Happn App Review


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  • Advantages of Happn ApplicatioThis application is available for both android and iOS users.
  • As, we have mentioned earlier about the concept of matching of this application. When someone on Happn just crosses you, you are notified automatically. This attracts a numerous number of people towards its use.
  • Matching people with their interest includes company, job title and other interest.
  • It allows to like secretly, so it won’t allow the person know you’re interested in them unless they’re interested in you. Shy people just get back due to this reason that how can I stare them, what they will think about me and many other reasons.

Some disadvantages of Happn Application

  • The concept of matching is exciting too but on the either side it can be frustrating too and sometimes embarrassing too. Let us consider if any of your relative also uses Happn, it will surely notify you and your relative too about the crossing incident. It will surely become an embarrassing situation for both of you.
  • Matches are made just on the basis of the user’s location and proximity. Whenever any two users with mutual interested gender crosses, it matches your match with any particular person irrespective of personality, expressions, nature of the person and many other things.

Origin of the Application

Created in France in 2013-14 after the release of Tinder, Happn came into the market with a trend of “Quit Swiping and Start Dating”. As we have mentioned above the concept of Happn matching your partner. Now, Happn is considered as one of the best Dating Applications for android. Though its origin came from a copied idea but the theme and plot of the story of success of Happn is totally different as compared to earlier launched applications like Tinder, OkCupid.

Signing Up Process

Signing up process is quite simple on this application, simply you just need to sign up with your facebook account onto this application. Basically, you just need a facebook account to sign up onto this application. We have discussed before about how to sign in to the Happn application without using facebook. There were some alternatives which you can refer on the blog.

Community Background

Mostly the community is filled by the people living in the big cities where people are open-minded and just don’t comment on whatever you are doing, whom you are meeting but nevertheless it works well in big cities because there are numerous number of people using it otherwise you don’t have enough option at the end of the day in small cities.

Also, its competitors are expanding in the market very rapidly. The main competitors in the market for Happn are Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, Coffee Meet Bagel. It services are available for free of cost. Though sometimes it might become an uncomfortable situation to talk at the end of the day who had crossed you in the daylight. Overall apart from that one disadvantage we found Happn Application to be an effectively working application in the android world right now.

Here is an overall review in tabular form of Happn application and we think this will clearly help out the readers to get the review of Happn Application.

Aspects of Testing Rating out of 5
Overall Rating 4.5/5
Ease of use 4.5/5
Quality of Members 4.0/5
Safety and Privacy 4.0/5
Customer Satisfaction 4.5/5
Value for Price 4.5/5

In the end of the Happn review, we would recommend you to use this application if you are comfortable in making new friends easily and talking to new people suddenly does not makes you feel uncomfortable. Otherwise, you might find it pretty hard to talk to any person found through this application staying nearby you.

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