Few Things You Should Know about iOS 12

1. What Are the Benefits of Updating My iPhone?

After dealing with various issues in iOS 11, you may wonder is iOS 12 safe for your iPhone? Apple recently released iOS 12 with enhanced features that you will love. The operating system is not yet officially lunched but there are already hints of its awesomeness. Apple has provided a beta version for curious users to try out the new features that include high performance and graphics. iOS 12 is hopefully an overhaul of the whole system, which might be a revolutionary move by Apple.


Let’s see what the benefits we can get are:

Screen time monitor

Apple continues to top the market in terms of customer satisfaction. The manufacturer has introduced a monitoring element that gives a weekly report on how long you spend on apps. You can set time limits on each App, of course, you can override the self-imposed limits; it is all up to you.

Photo search

It is much simpler to search photos with iOS 12. The OS uses a database of events, faces, and location to associate your photos with events that happened in that time.

AR technology

You can now share a game with up to 4 friends on iOS devices with augmented reality improvements. Even if you are not playing, you can experience real time fun by watching.

Siri shortcuts

There is a lot more you can do with your iPhone. Siri can now synchronize data from your contacts and calendars and make birthday calls on your behalf. The shortcuts are cues to its enhanced performance.

2. What are Risks of Updating My iPhone?

Is iOS 12 safe? Apple’s release of the test version to the public means anyone is free to install and run iOS 12. However, you should take note that it is a beta version hence possibility of bugs and interferences with your iPhone. It would be better to wait a little longer for the full launch of a complete version other than risking data on your iPhone.

Nevertheless, you can still download the beta version and run it to satisfy your curiosity. Be sure to back up all data on your PC before trying out iOS 12 because we honestly cannot say much about it before its release date. The point of a beta release is ironing out problems meaning there are bugs that have to be fixed; if you are entirely dependent on your iPhone you might want to reconsider updating your iPhone to iOS 12.

The final version of iOS 12 will likely be released alongside new iPhones in September. So far, nothing can be pointed out as deficiencies of the new operating system because it is not complete. Apple enthusiasts across the world are already running the public beta version and liking it. However, you should be careful because beta version is another language for fixing of bugs; you don’t want to compromise on important data on your iPhone. You’d better wait for September to be sure iOS 12 is safe.

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