How To Cope With The Stress Of IAS Exam

The UPSC conducted civil service exam is considered to be the most stringent examination in the nation. It is also one of the longest aspirants have to sit for. On top of this lakhs and lakhs of students appear for it out which less than thousand are selected. This statistic is for a single year. The two things – low probability of selection and hard coursework – transform into untold pressure on the candidates. We spoke to a leading IAS Academy in Chennai on how an IAS aspirant can deal with the stress, anxiety and the inevitable depression. 

The mentors, teachers, and professors emphasised on first understanding the situation a civil service aspirant faces. Most of these students come from small towns and cities. They move to a metropolis in order to enrol in an IAS coaching for better preparation. They live in hostels, PG’s and rented properties which bring them little to no comfort. The food they eat is not home-cooked meals that are nutritious and satisfying. The less than ideal living situation and an improper diet, taken at irregular hours, lead to both mental and physical health issues in aspirants. 

 Along with living alone, the pressure to keep up with the coaching academy can have a further detrimental effect on the student. Managing food, health, studies, and expenses of daily living become too many balls for a young person to juggle. The strain of peer pressure and hopes of family members have a telling effect on the person. By the time the actual exam comes around, the individual is wholly drained in an emotional, psychological and physical sense. There is little to no connection to the outside world. 

 When the situation is so dire, the corrective steps that need to be taken should be equally impactful. The steps advised by the leading coaching institute are detailed below: 

  • Three proper meals a day, at the least, are crucial. Correct, healthy food should be taken within a set period. Starving the body or overindulging by binging is the biggest mistake an aspirant can make.
  • IAS preparation means longs hours of sitting in a place and studying. Therefore, have a very comfortable chair that supports the lumbar. There should be sufficient lighting to ensure there is no strain on the eyes.
  • A bit of exercise is essential to keep both the mind and the body active. A simple walk in the morning is more than enough. Also, take intermittent breaks while studying. It will ensure that your muscles do not cramp because of sitting in a chair all day. The break will also relax your muscles and will keep soreness at bay.
  • To say goodbye to stress things like yoga and meditation are advised. Both these things remove anxiety from the mind and make a person calm, serene and more focused.

The tips for coping with the stress of Civil Services may sound like common sense and easy to practice, but few students heed to it. Those who follow the recommendations religiously tend to be better prepared than others.

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