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10 Best Free Screen Sharing Apps to Share Screen Online

Nowadays, online meeting is an easy way to get connected with your employees. You just need a pc or laptop or a smartphone with a Wi-fi connection and get going. There are several screen sharing Apps that lets you share screen online. Also, the icing on the cake is the fact that most of them are free.

Share screen online, chat, call, share video and audio with your participants, all via a single platform. In addition, you can easily add participants, connect with them and continue with your meeting. Moreover, screen sharing forms a great way to make your employees understand complete details of the meeting. The best part is, you can start a meeting quickly irrespective of looking at time and place. Therefore, we have curated a list of screen sharing apps that will definitely help you to easily hold an online meeting. Just download any app, whichever you like, and sign in to enjoy the huge functionalities

10 Best Free Screen Sharing Apps to Share Screen Online



TeamViewer is the best free screen sharing app that supports loads of features. Also, It is highly compatible with a wide range of platforms. This includes – Windows, iPhone, Mac, Android, iPad, and Linux. Moreover, it supports 30 plus most popular languages. This means you can chat easily in your language. Apart from chatting and screen sharing, you can opt for filesharing and whiteboard functionalities. Further,  you can easily add participants to share screen online. You can send email invitations to the participants for an online meeting. You can easily share video or audio or your entire desktop with your participating members.

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Skype is a well-known app which is mostly used for video-calls with your family and friends. But, you can easily use it to share screen online. This feature may be unknown to many because of the past of Skype. Earlier, It required a paid subscription to access the advanced features of Skype. Screen sharing service was earlier comes under its advanced features. Nowadays, you can use it as a free service offered by Skype to its users. Apart from screen sharing, it supports several services for free. It includes – messaging, file sharing, video, and audio calls etc.


Zoom allows you to easily share your desktop screen with a large number of people. Its free account allows you to add about a maximum of 25 participants. Also, it allows you to carry out unlimited meetings with your participants. You can also enter in an online conference call with your participants that can last up to 30 minutes. Moreover, it offers a good quality HD video calls, log history, record calls, and whiteboard features to its free users. Thus, it is one of the best screen sharing app especially for a large number of participants.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is another good platform to share screen online. However, most of the people usually accustomed to using this platform for chats and video calls only. But, Hangouts also gives you the option to share your screen while you are on call via Hangouts. Moreover, it is absolutely free and easy to use. In addition, it only requires information of your Google accounts to get started. Most of the smartphone users have their Google account nowadays. This means, you just need to download it to start with this app.

Screen Leap

Screen Leap is a great option for Mac users. It offers a free screen sharing service that relies mainly on Java. In addition, it supports one-click screen sharing feature. It works well with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms. You can easily add participants and carry out a meeting with them. Also, it doesn’t require your participants to create an account with Screen Leap to see your screen. Thus, it saves a lot of time and efforts in creating a meeting.


ShowMyPC is another good screen sharing app. It offers several free tools to its users. These tools help you to easily create and carry out your online presentations. You can easily set up a meeting by generating a secret code. You can send this code to all the members of the meeting and get started.  It also allows you to access several other features by paying for premium plans. Premium features include file sharing, customized services, automatically sending session details etc. allows you to host a meeting for free. Just you need to create a free account with this site and get started for free. Here, you can also claim for a free personalized meeting link for your company. It offers several other features to its users like – changing your meeting background, one-click sharing and high-quality audio for its premium users.


Vyew is a good screen sharing app, especially for free users. Basically, this app earns through advertisements and its services. But, at a time, it supports fewer members in a room.  Apart from screen sharing, it offers several other features for free. These include – publish meetings, changing background colors, and always-on meeting rooms.


Mikogo is another good screen sharing service that’s good for both free and premium users. Its free service is basically designed for those users who have got some personal usage. It allows you to have unlimited meetings. Moreover, it works well on several platforms like – Windows, iPhone, Mac, Android, iPad, and Linux. It allows you to have voice calls or unlimited video conferences.  Although, whiteboard and call recorder are not supported by its free plan. For accessing these functions you have to pay for it.


MingleView is a good app to screen share with unlimited participants. Moreover, this service allows you to host an unlimited meeting with no installation of this app by the participant. In addition, it also helps you to secure your meetings over SSL or with a firewall. The only problem is that it supports only Window users. But, overall this is a good screen sharing app.

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